Book Review: So Not Meant to Be

So Not Meant to Be is book 2 in the Cane Brothers series by Meghan Quinn and was just as fun as the first book, A Not So Meet Cute.

So Not Meant to Be follows JP and Kelsey. JP is Huxley’s brother who, along with their other brother Breaker, run their family corporation together. Kelsey is Lottie’s sister who has her own small business that organizes spaces sustainably and in A Not So Meet Cute, Cane Enterprises hires Kelsey to sustainably organize some of their properties and offices.

JP has had a crush on Kelsey since the first moment he saw her. Kelsey also thought JP was extremely good looking and charming, but didn’t want to mix business with pleasure because she wanted the Canes to take her seriously especially since they’re now going to be in her in-laws. JP is always flirty, but she just chalks it up to his playboy personality. In an effort to try to not like Kelsey, JP becomes more sarcastic with her and pushes her buttons to annoy her. Now JP just irritates her.

Of course, now that they’re trying to avoid each other, Huxley informs them that they have acquired a historical building in San Francisco and want JP and Kelsey to go up there to make a plan for the building. They’re going to have to spend 2 weeks up there working together and living together in the penthouse the Canes own. Spending so much time together lets the two of them get to know each other a lot better. Kelsey always said her and JP were “so not meant to be”, but maybe she was wrong.

I loved this romcom! It was funny, sweet, and the slow burn led to some satisfying spicy scenes. I loved JP and Kelsey, but especially JP! He was so funny and charming and I loved how much he cared about Kelsey, even when she didn’t realize it.

I liked A Not So Meet Cute slightly more just because Kelsey was so stubborn and resistant to being nice to JP at the beginning, but I still loved it! I can’t wait to read Breaker’s story next!

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