Book Review: A Long Time Coming

I just finished A Long Time Coming, the last book in the Cane Brothers series by Meghan Quinn yesterday. I loved the book and am sad to be done with the series!

The novel follows Breaker, the youngest of the Cane brothers, and his best friend Lia. They met in college in a secret and highly competitive secret Scrabble club that Breaker ran. They became instant best friends and still are 10 years later. They’re so close that they purposely rented apartments next door to each other. Lia has been with her boyfriend, Brian, for a year. He just proposed and Lia is feeling very uncertain about the whole thing, but the only thing that helps her feel better about it is having Breaker as her man of honor. Brian’s mom wants to run the whole show and Lia has a hard time standing up to her, but luckily for her Breaker is on leave from work at Cane Enterprises while some legal issues are going on involving a crazy former employee. Therefore, he can accompany her to all the wedding appointments and help her deal with her future mother-in-law since Brian is always too busy with work. But all this extra time together and helping her plan a wedding to a guy that Breaker hates has him realizing (despite his brothers telling him for years) that he is actually in love with Lia. Can he stand by and watch his best friend marry someone else or will he be able to show her that he’s the better guy for her?

This was the epitome of a friends to lovers romance. It was funny just like the first two books in the series about his brothers, A Not So Meet Cute and So Not Meant to Be. I loved the friendship between Breaker and Lia and how unapologetically nerdy they are! Breaker was the sweetest guy and he knew and understood Lia so well. He is less alpha than Huxley and JP in his everyday personality, but can totally turn it on when he’s in private or being intimate, which is just what Lia wants and has been missing in her life so you know the spicy scenes are good!

I’m going to miss the Cane brothers and Lottie, Kelsey, and Lia. I hope they make appearances in some future books. I do plan to read Meghan Quinn’s book Untying the Knot sometime in the next month or two which focuses on a couple that was introduced in this novel. Untying the Knot takes place in between So Not Meant to Be and A Long Time Coming and apparently Huxley & Lottie and JP & Kelsey make an appearance so I can’t wait!

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