A Not So Meet Cute – Engagement Ring Scene

There are so many funny moments in Meghan Quinn’s A Not So Meet Cute, some of them being nsfw. I really wanted to highlight the humor in the book and thought one scene, which I could safely share, that would be good is the engagement ring scene.

A brief rundown – the novel focuses on Huxley and Lottie who are fake engaged. Huxley needed someone to pretend to be his pregnant fiancée for a business deal and Lottie needed a wealthy and hot boyfriend to impress her ex-boss/ex-friend and make her jealous of how good Lottie’s life is. I picked out a few aesthetic photos from Pinterest and added the quotes from the scene. In the scene, Huxley gives Lottie her engagement ring and tells her to put it on before they get out of the car to meet some business acquaintances.

There are a lot funnier scenes (if you’ve read the book the funniest scene to me is the lamaze class scene!) but I thought this one was a good one to share!

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