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Book Review: Resting Scrooge Face

If you’re looking for a quick and adorable Christmas read, then you should check out Resting Scrooge Face by Meghan Quinn! This novella/short story was my first Meghan Quinn book, but I have a few of her books on my tbr.

This fun short story alternates POVs between Nola and Caleb. Nola returns home to the small town of Bright Harbor, Maine after a breakup and realizing New York City wasn’t for her anymore. While she’s happy to be renovating her parents’ house while they’re away (she’s a designer) and spending time with her grandma, she is not looking forward to running into her ex-boyfriend that broke her heart years ago. She’s also not all about the Christmas cheer that takes over Bright Harbor every year.

Caleb owns the local hardware store and since he heard Nola is back in town, he’s been a big grump or Scrooge. Nola is the one who got away and he has regretted how things ended with her since the ended. One day Caleb decides to write out all the things he hates about Christmas time in a letter and when his friend Arden, the local mailman, comes in he crumples it up and throw it out. Little does he know that Arden took his letter and delivered it anonymously to another current Christmas-hater – Nola. The two begin exchanging letters via Arden bonding over the mutual dislike of things like mistletoe, eggnog, holiday parties with plus-ones, etc. He signs his letters “Resting Scrooge Face” and she signs her letters “Ho Ho No”. The letters are funny and cute and will put a smile on your face!

They begin having so much fun talking through their letters that all the things they originally complained about, they end up liking. All that Christmas music doesn’t seem so irritating anymore. Eggnog is delicious, etc. It’s not long before the two who had promised to friend-zone each other actually fall for each other through the letters and want to meet! At the same time Nola and Caleb have come to a cease fire and are enjoying being friends again.

I really liked this book! It was such a short, adorable holiday read!

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