Book Review: A Merry Little Meet Cute

What if you take a Christmas romcom and make it r-rated? A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone is that book!

A Merry Little Meet Cute follows Bee Hobbes and Nolan Shaw. The two have just been cast in a time traveling Christmas romance for the Hope Channel, which is basically like the Hallmark Channel. They make wholesome, clean movies. But, both Bee and Nolan have secrets and don’t want their secrets getting out and ruining the movie because both of their careers depend on it.

Bee is also known as Bianca Von Honey, a popular adult film star. She has always thought of going into mainstream acting, but her current career and being plus-sized, she’s never been sure that it would work out for her. But when Teddy, her friend and owner of Uncle Ray Ray’s Film Studio (a porn studio) branches out into producing non-adult films and a bunch of the cast and crew were injured at a music festival, he has no choice but to hire some people from his other business. Now, Bee is the female lead and half the crew have only worked in porn. This leads to very hilarious situations! Anyway, the Hope Channel cannot find out the truth about Teddy and Bee or the whole movie could be jeopardized.

Assuming that people who watch Hope Channel Christmas movies wouldn’t also watch porn, Bee hopes no one will recognize her. Then, she meets Nolan Shaw – the male lead. He’s famous for being a former boy-band member and Bee coincidentally had a crush on him when she was a teenager. What Bee doesn’t know? Nolan has had a crush on Bianca Von Honey for years and is one of her top subscribers! Nolan understands why Bee needs her secret to stay secret and he also needs this movie to go on without a hitch because he has a lot of family/home issues going on and he needs the money from this movie.

The movie was so funny and adorable. You might not think that a movie about a porn star having a crush on a former boy-band member who in turn is her biggest fan would be described as adorable, but it was! Of course the spice was good as well, but I think the humor and Bee and Nolan getting to know each other was the best part.

I’d love for spinoffs with Nolan’s INK bandmates finding love especially Isaac who is a widower!

Overall, I really liked this spicy Christmas romcom. I loved the body positivity and sex positivity in it. If you’re looking for a non-conventional Christmas romcom, then check this one out!

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