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Why You Should Go On A Food Tour Of Montana

Montana is pretty famous for its agricultural scene. As such, there’s a lot of good food and drink out there to try! And if you’re on a road trip right now looking for places to go, or you fancy going on a fun tour in the near future, you should definitely think about a food tour through this great state. Here are just a few of the main reasons why!

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There’s an Amazing Pie Trail

The Pie a la Road: this is probably one of the most famous food routes in the world. You can make your way through the best central Montana has to offer and have a slice of this versatile dessert at about 20 different places. That should give you something to do for at least 48 hours, but make sure you go through it on an empty stomach anyway! If you need to exercise off any of that sugar, you can hit up one of the nature trails that weave in and out of the 100 different mountain ranges that can be found in the region. 

The Beer is Legendary

Montana is pretty famous for having a wide ranging selection of breweries. If you go on a food tour of the state, make sure you factor in time for a bozeman taproom or two! After all, the beer is going to be locally brewed and flavored, and you’ll be able to sample as many ales, beers, and wines as you like. Combine this with a genial and cozy bar atmosphere and you’ll have a lot of fun when you’re making your way through the state. 

Most Foods are Locally Grown

Montana is pretty arable. There’s a lot of ranch and farming land out there, meaning there’s a lot of opportunities to grow your own food. This means the food you eat is likely to be at least 75% locally sourced, and that’s a number we like the look of! You can sit down for a hearty meal at any restaurant you stop off at, and dig in knowing your carbon footprint is decreasing by the second. 

You Can Stroll Through a Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets are rife throughout Montana, and you can pick up a lot of that locally grown produce we mentioned earlier. If you’ve got a spare Saturday on your road trip, checking out a couple of these is definitely the choice to make. 

Grab some apples and cherries, some peppers and carrots, alongside a fresh and healthy cut of locally sourced meat and you could even cook up a few tasty dinners of your own, if you ever stop to camp on your trip. At the very least you’ll have a healthy snack for the journey! 

If you’re ever near Montana when on vacation, make sure you take a food tour through the state. There’s a lot to see while you’re there, but you’ll find the best success at the local breweries, bars, taprooms, restaurants, and food stalls. Yum! 

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