Toloache - Enchiladas Borrachas


Earlier this year I went into the city (New York City) to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday. I mentioned it in a fashion post (here) and a photo challenge post (here). We ate dinner at Toloache, a Mexican restaurant, and I’m finally getting around to posting about it.

The restaurant is fairly small. Although it has two floors the space is not that large so even though we had reservations for our party of 10 we had to wait a bit for there to be space to put together tables for us especially because the restaurant seemed to be quite popular.

I loved the ambience and interior decor of the restaurant. It was dark but with plenty of dim lighting so it wasn’t too dark where it was hard to see what you were eating or anything. Since there is an open concept second floor, the ceiling is high and modern framed chandeliers hang down above the diners. Lit up stars also hung by the front window which I shared in my photo challenge linked above.

Toloache - Restaurant Decor

Now onto what I ate! Toloache has a range of different entrees and appetizers as well as small plates like various types of tacos including grasshopper tacos, which I couldn’t bring myself to try! A few of my friends did try them out though. The taco small plates actually have a whole section of the menu and each plate comes with two tacos.

I decided to order an entree and I also split a taco small plate with one of my friends. I got the Enchiladas Borrachas. The presentation of the dish was beautiful and tasted yummy too. The enchiladas were pulled chicken with tomatillo 5 chiles salsa borracha Mexican cheeses, crema, and a radish salad on top. I love that the enchiladas sat on a bed of sauce so that the flavors could really envelop the tortilla.

Toloache - Enchiladas Borrachas
Toloache - Enchiladas Borrachas 1

I split the De Lechon Tacos with a friend. These tacos were filled with suckling pig carnitas, catcus salad, chicharron, salsa verde, and queso fresco.

Toloache - De lechon Tacos

This was so amazingly delicious! Although I liked my entree, this taco was so much better! If I ever go back to Toloache I would just get a bunch of small plates for sure.

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