Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater
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Oversized Cropped Knit

I know, oversized and cropped sounds like an oxymoron, but there’s really no better way to describe this sweater.

I wrote yesterday about the funky weather. The temperature and weather really changes each day. I’m sharing another look today that works for this in-between weather.

So let me tell you how this sweater works for this crazy weather. This sweater is both oversized and cropped. It’s also a thick cable knit. The thickness and the fact that it’s oversized makes it nice and warm for that winter chill that hasn’t quite gone away yet. But wait a few hours and it’ll be no-jacket weather. Enter the beauty of the cropped cut. The boxy, cropped cut of the sweater means it’s more breathable and not as warm as it would’ve been if it was a full length sweater.

Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater
Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater 2Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater 1
Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater 4
Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater 3
Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater 6
Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater 5
Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater 7

Sweater: Victoria’s Secret | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Socks: American Eagle

I like that the sweater isn’t a super short cropped sweater, but just short enough to be considered cropped. To complete this winter/spring transition cozy ensemble, I wore capri black leggings and over-the-knee socks. It was a tad too cold to wear capri leggings and be comfortable that day so I wore over-the-knee socks to cover up my exposed legs! Could I have just worn regular full-length leggings? Of course. But the look of the socks is just so much better in my opinion!

And for those of you counting along with me, 3 more work days (including today) left before spring break!

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