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Peachy Pink Knit

Anyone else super tired yesterday after staying up late to watch the Oscars Sunday night? I was pretty tired plus Sunday morning I went to kickboxing and did more squats and lunges than I’ve done in a while so my legs felt like jelly all day. Being tired plus feeling like your legs are wobbly all day is not the best combo!

The look I’m sharing with you today is from earlier this month. Originally (on the day that I wore this) I was going to call this post “Baby Pink Knit” but then I guess in some lights it looks a little peach, which I didn’t consider until someone at work told me they liked my peach sweater. Then I realized it was a bit peachy hence the title of this post.


Sweater: LOFT | Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: DSW

This sweater is so comfortable and soft, just how I like my sweaters. I love that the knit on the sleeves is different than that on the rest of the body. It gives the sweater a different look. The sleeves have an open knit design and I knew that despite the milder weather I’d be cold at work so I wore a long sleeve white tee underneath. It fit perfectly underneath the sweater.

Hope your weeks are all off to a good start!

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