• Rainbow & Cloud Sweater

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    Rainbow & Cloud Appliqué Sweater

    Today is my first official day of spring break – whatever that means these days. I guess the weekend counted, but the weekend is already the weekend you know what I mean? So even though I’m already working from home and teaching virtually, we have off this week for spring break. It’s probably going to be a bit boring, I know a lot of my students were saying they know they’ll be bored since there’s no much to do and no one can go anywhere. But the mental break will be nice. When I saw this lightweight sweater on the ASOS website last month, I thought it was too adorable…

  • Wedge Cardigan

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    Wedge Cardigan + Shorts

    Happy first day of summer break to me! And maybe to some of you too if you are a fellow teacher! Yesterday was graduation and I can relax a bit more and sleep a bit more. But this weekend and this coming week are getting pretty full so we’ll see how much down time I really have. Today I’m continuing my newfound love for sweaters with shorts. It’s really the perfect combination for cooler summer days or early mornings/evenings when it starts to cool down. I’m not sure why this cardigan is called a wedge cardigan. There are a bunch on the Express website and they’re all called wedge cardigans.…

  • Wedge Quartz Cardigan

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    Wedge Quartz Cardigan

    It has been super windy here the past few days. Yesterday I could hardly see walking to my car after work because my hair kept blowing in my face! So when I took these photos over the weekend, it took a ton of tries because the wind was just not cooperating. These are the best I could get! I took photos of this outfit over the weekend and wore this vertical ruffled floral top and purple cardigan with black leggings. The floral top has been on here before, you can check it out (here). When I wore it to work a few days ago I wore it with light colored…

  • Rainbow Stripe Sweater

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    Rainbow Stripe Sweater

    I’ve seen a few similar sweaters to this one in the past few months, but in my (biased) opinion, this one is the best! So like i said, I’d seen a few like this one and then I saw this on sale at Nordstrom and the quality of this one looked top notch, as expected with Nordstrom. I love how bright the rainbow colors are against the white knit. And I think it’s so fun that it runs from the end of one sleeve, up and across the chest, and down the other sleeve! I wore this with jeans and faux suede pointy toe loafers. I took these photos last…

  • Pink & White Striped Sweater

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    Pink & White Striped Sweater

    Sometimes sweaters that feel like yarn-y materials are thick, soft, and warm for winter. Sometimes they’re lightweight and just super soft. Of course, I always opt for soft. I will never wear an itchy sweater! This pink & white striped sweater is super soft and not heavy or thick at all making it the perfect transition sweater. Its bubble gum pink makes it fun and bright for the spring weather ahead and the long sleeve, sweater style makes it perfect for the still cool temps. I wore this sweater to work yesterday with black stretch cords and black fringe loafers to make it work appropriate, but I took photos over…

  • Shaker Knit Sweater + Plaid Shirt Dress

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    Restyled: Shaker Knit Sweater + Plaid Shirt Dress

    I hope you all had a good weekend and you’re not too down about the fact that it’s back to work today. The outfit I’m sharing today is not just a restyling of the sweater and of the plaid shirt dress, but it’s also kind of a throwback look since it’s kind of 90s looking. I wanted to wear this blue and green plaid shirt dress to work last week, but I knew with it’s lightweight material that I’d need a sweater since I would most likely be cold. Instead of wearing it with a cardigan, I decided to wear my shaker knit sweater over it. I wore sweater tights and…

  • Loopstripe Sweater

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    Loopstripe Sweater

    Is this week going super slow for anyone else? I don’t know how it isn’t already Friday! But anyway, today I’m sharing this sweater that I think is one of my favorites! Do you ever see the item names for clothes and wonder how they got that name to describe the piece? “Loopstripe” sounds kind of weird at first, until you see the sweater up close and realize the textured stripes are actually loops of thread! This white sweater is long enough to wear with leggings like I did here, but not so long that it looks weird with non-legging pants. I wore it to work last week with stretch…

  • Multicolor Pompom Sweater

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    Multicolor Pompoms

    This is one of those weeks where I can never remember what day it is. Anyone else feel all out of sorts this week? I’m sharing this fun sweater today that I shot with Lauren Ashley Photography last month. This grey oversized sweater has multicolor pompoms all over. So fun! I’ve seen similar sweaters around, mostly ones with pompoms of the same color as the sweater. But, I love that this one has multicolored pompoms. The colors look great for a pop of color against the light grey and it adds a little more fun to the sweater when it’s not monochromatic. I wore the sweater with black jeans and rose…

  • Collared Lace Back Sweater

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    Lace Back Sweater

    I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. It feels like my spring break just started. Yesterday wasn’t the best day. If you remember from my post a few weeks ago I’m being more mindful and conscious of having a positive mindset/outlook, but naturally it’s a process and I’m not always going to have good days. Nothing “bad” in particular happened yesterday, it was just one of those days where you feel down and like nothing is going right. It’s easy to spiral down that dark hole where you feel like nothing’s currently going in your favor and nothing ever will. But I try to tell myself that oftentimes (for people in general,…