Wedge Quartz Cardigan
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Wedge Quartz Cardigan

It has been super windy here the past few days. Yesterday I could hardly see walking to my car after work because my hair kept blowing in my face! So when I took these photos over the weekend, it took a ton of tries because the wind was just not cooperating. These are the best I could get!

I took photos of this outfit over the weekend and wore this vertical ruffled floral top and purple cardigan with black leggings. The floral top has been on here before, you can check it out (here). When I wore it to work a few days ago I wore it with light colored stretch cords. Also, I have no idea why this sweater is called a “wedge” cardigan. I tried to look it up but to no avail so if you know, let me know!

Wedge Quartz CardiganWedge Quartz Cardigan 1Wedge Quartz Cardigan 2Wedge Quartz Cardigan 3Wedge Quartz Cardigan 4Wedge Quartz Cardigan 5Wedge Quartz Cardigan 6Wedge Quartz Cardigan 7Wedge Quartz Cardigan 8Wedge Quartz Cardigan 9Wedge Quartz Cardigan 10Wedge Quartz Cardigan 11Wedge Quartz Cardigan 12Wedge Quartz Cardigan 13

Sweater: Express | Top: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl’s | Leggings: Express | Shoes: Target

I love the oversized fit of this cardigan – it makes it so versatile. And the pockets are a bonus, of course! I don’t always love dolman sleeves, but for this cardigan I think it works. When I picked this purple or quartz one up I also got a similar one in a more neutral color, which I’m sure will make it on here sooner or later with my love for cardigans!

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