• Neon Speckled Cardigan

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    Neon Speckled Cardigan

    Today is my first day of online teaching during this whole social distancing/self-isolation thing. Wish me luck! If you’ve been following me on here for a while then you know I love cardigans. I wear sweaters all year long because I’m usually cold. Most of my cardigans are in neutral colors so they will match any outfit, but I do like a little something different every once in a while. So when I saw this cardigan online and on sale I had to have it. It’s a light peachy pink color with neon specks! It’s so pretty. The neon colors are in a orange, pink, and yellow. So fun! Cardigan:…

  • Wedge Cardigan

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    Wedge Cardigan + Shorts

    Happy first day of summer break to me! And maybe to some of you too if you are a fellow teacher! Yesterday was graduation and I can relax a bit more and sleep a bit more. But this weekend and this coming week are getting pretty full so we’ll see how much down time I really have. Today I’m continuing my newfound love for sweaters with shorts. It’s really the perfect combination for cooler summer days or early mornings/evenings when it starts to cool down. I’m not sure why this cardigan is called a wedge cardigan. There are a bunch on the Express website and they’re all called wedge cardigans.…

  • Wedge Quartz Cardigan

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    Wedge Quartz Cardigan

    It has been super windy here the past few days. Yesterday I could hardly see walking to my car after work because my hair kept blowing in my face! So when I took these photos over the weekend, it took a ton of tries because the wind was just not cooperating. These are the best I could get! I took photos of this outfit over the weekend and wore this vertical ruffled floral top and purple cardigan with black leggings. The floral top has been on here before, you can check it out (here). When I wore it to work a few days ago I wore it with light colored…

  • Jadeite Pointelle Cardigan

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    Jadeite Pointelle Cardigan

    If you’re a regular follower of my Instagram stories, then you may have seen this outfit on Easter. I had a low key Easter with just my immediate family, so I dressed casually, but I wanted to wear this pointelle long cardigan in the color “jadeite” since the light green color reminds me of spring. The length is perfect to wear with leggings and I love the side slits and large pockets! I wore the cardigan with a plain white long sleeve tee, navy blue leggings, and my pink satin bow mules. I finished off the look with teal statement earrings that look like tassel fans. Cardigan: LC Lauren Conrad…

  • Knit Your Love Pompom Cardigan

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    Knit Your Love Pompom Cardigan

    If you follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram, sometimes you see a lot of the same items or pieces – especially if they have similar styles. I usually don’t want to get something I’ve seen a lot of people wear, but the Knit Your Love Pompom cardigan that I saw everywhere in the fall is so pretty and when it went on sale around Black Friday, I had to pick one up for myself! The cardigan is thick and so well made. The quality is amazing and it’s so soft! I love that the pompoms are attached and not dangling so that I don’t have to worry about it…

  • Grey & Navy Long Line Cardigan

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    Navy & Grey Long Line Cardigan

    I love long cardigans because 1) they’re cozy and 2) they’re the perfect length to wear with leggings and I live for leggings and comfortable clothes. Today I’m sharing this grey long line cardigan with a navy blue plaid design. The cardigan is quite thick and warm and I think the colors and style will work for so many different looks. For this look I wore blue leggings and a solid light pink top. Oh and by the way these photos are from earlier in the month when there was snow on the ground! Cardigan: Apt. 9 via Kohl’s | Shirt: Hanes | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s |…

  • Taupe Sand Belted Cardigan

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    Taupe Sand Belted Cardigan

    Cardigans are one of my style staples and any of you who have been following me on here for a while know that I basically can’t live without them. They’re just so useful! Since I’m wearing some sort of cardigan or sweater for a good portion of the year, I like to stock up on different styles and colors. Belted cardigans are great because they can be worn for a casual day with jeans or leggings and they’re also perfect for work. I’ve had a black belted cardigan from LOFT for a few years now and when I was on the hunt for a nice taupe or camel colored one…

  • Unicorn Elbow Patches

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    Unicorn Love

    Unicorn inspired things are everywhere these days from makeup brushes to Starbucks drinks. I’ve always loved how colorful, pretty, and magical unicorns are. At the risk of allowing the world to see my inner child, I’m sharing a fun cardigan today that I picked up from ASOS. When I saw that this navy blue cardigan had unicorn elbow patches I had to have it! I mean, come on, elbow patches that are unicorns!? Cardigan: ASOS | Tank Top: The Limited | Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: Keds via DSW If you’ve been following me for a while then you already know my love for the color combination of navy and mint so…

  • Red & Black Polka Dot Cardigan

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    Red & Black Polka Dots

    It’s Monday, but it’s also my last week of work before I get a week off for spring back so it’s not too bad of a day (fingers crossed). To kick off the week I’m sharing a look I wore last month to work. You know I love a good cardigan and this red one with black polka dots I got for Christmas is no exception. It gives me ladybug vibes, naturally, but also retro vibes, which is understandable because there was a tag on the sweater that said that this cardigan was vintage inspired. Cardigan: J.Crew Factory | Watch: Anne Klein This polka dot cardigan is so classic. To make…

  • Lace Cardigan

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    Lace Cardigan

    How was everyone’s first week of spring? After a few freezing mornings, I think it’s finally starting to warm up for the season here. Well, at least consistently above 50 next week. I do still have a few cold or cool weather outfits to share though. The look I’m sharing today is actually perfect for the transitional weather. This long cardigan features a lace bottom half, which I think is so different and fun. I decided to do a whole look with these light colors. The cream cardigan, light pink/purple lace-topped top, twilight mauve pants, and taupe ankle boots work well together to create this cool toned, dreamy look. Cardigan: LC Lauren Conrad…