Book Review: My Killer Vacation

I can always count on Tessa Bailey’s books to be funny, spicy, and hot romance. My Killer Vacation came out last year, but I saved it for this summer to read. This spicy murder mystery romcom was so fun to read!

The novel follows Tayley Bassey, a second grade teacher, who has saved up to rent a house on Cape Cod for a summer vacation with her brother. When she arrives at the house she takes in how nice it is, especially the clawfoot bathtub that she can’t wait to soak in, but then finds the dead body of the owner of the rental in the laundry room.

The cops have an idea of who they think killed the owner, but his sister is adamant that they’ve got it wrong. Her boyfriend calls in a favor with an old friend of his, who is a former Boston detective turned bounty hunter, to come and investigate. Enter Myles Sumner.

Myles is grumpy and after some professional setbacks left the police force and now just goes from place to place around the country as a bounty hunter. As much as he doesn’t want to feel anything, there’s something about Taylor that he can’t stay away from even though he seems himself as a loner and thinks she’s too good and pure for someone like him. He wants her to stay away from him and from this case, but Taylor feels drawn to the mystery and wants to help solve it.

The book was such a fun and entertaining read. Sure, there were some parts that weren’t quite believable and some things were just ridiculously hilarious, but that’s Tessa Bailey’s style and I love it. I loved the characters and how Taylor made Myles work for it after he was so back and forth with his feelings/admitting his feelings for her. And Taylor’s brother Jude was hilarious especially in the scene where he’s basically talking to himself as Taylor and Myles bicker with each other.

This was a fun summer read and I’d definitely read another book about them solving another crime together haha.

Read this if you want a spicy murder mystery romcom with the grumpy sunshine trope!

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