Book Review: The Four Leaf

I didn’t know I needed a spicy novella centered around St. Patrick’s Day until now. The Four Leaf by Lee Jacquot is part of her Holinight Novella series. I read Christmas on the Thirteenth Floor during the holidays. I liked that one, but I enjoyed The Four Leaf a lot more.

This fun and super spicy novella is a dual POV and follows Samantha and Adrian. They were childhood friends who spent a lot of time together since their parents were friends and opened an inn in Boston together. Now, Samantha and her sister run the inn, The Four Leaf, and Adrian is a pro rugby player. Sam and Adrian are still best friends who talk all the time. But, Sam has had a crush on Adrian since they were kids. Once when they were young they had almost kissed, but Adrian pulled away and Samantha took that as a sign that he only thought of her as friend.

Now they’re in their 20s, Adrian is back home for a few weeks and he’s determined to show Sam that he wants to be more than friends with her. But, he’s got a primal play kink and is afraid it will scare Sam off. Little does he know Sam is tired of matching with the same corporate type guy on her dating app and wants some more excitement. They’re back and forth and thick tension takes place on St. Patrick’s Day as they prepare for the influx of guests who are in town for the parade.

Novellas are tricky for me because since they’re so short I often feel like I didn’t get invested enough in the characters to really care enough about the story. This one did a great job and I was hooked from the start and really liked Samantha and Adrian.

So if you’re looking for a quick, spicy read for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, give this a try!

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