Childhood Friends to Lovers Picks

I enjoy the friends to lovers trope, but there’s something especially sweet about the childhood friends to lovers trope. I’ve put together a few books I love with the trope!

  • The Four Leaf – Samantha and Adrian were childhood friends who spent a lot of time together since their parents were friends and opened an inn in Boston together. Now, Samantha and her sister run the inn, The Four Leaf, and Adrian is a pro rugby player, but they’re still best friends. Who have secret feelings for each other.
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty series – Belly and Conrad’s moms have been best friends since before they were born. They spend every summer together at a beach house and Belly has always had a crush on Conrad. He has always seen her as a sort of annoying little sister figure, until one summer she arrives and looks all grown up.
  • Love & Other Words – Macy and Elliot meet when they’re 13. Macy’s dad buys a house next door to Elliot’s family as a weekend/summer house. They spend the next years of their life being best friends and eventually becoming more until something happens that causes them to not speak or see each other for 11 years.
  • 99% MineDarcy and Tom have been friends since they were kids, but he was best friends with her twin brother and 99% her brother’s and only 1% hers. She’s always had a crush on him, but never thought he would feel the same about her.
  • In a Holidaze – Mae and Andrew have been friends their whole lives. Their parents are best friends and they spend every Christmas together at Andrew’s parents’ cabin. This Christmas, Mae keeps reliving it over and over and doesn’t know what she needs to do to get out of the time loop. What she does know is that each time she relives the holiday her and Andrew get closer and closer.
  • Final Offer – Cal and Lana have been friends since they were kids. Lana’s mom worked for Cal’s family and took care of their lake house. They finally did get together, but then things happened that caused Cal to break Lana’s heart. He promised her he’d never come back, but then because of his grandfather’s will he has to return and live in the house with Lana for a summer.
  • The Song of AchillesAchilles and Patroclus become good friends as children when Patroclus is sent to live in Achilles’ kingdom. They two become best of friends and eventually lovers with Patroclus following Achilles to the Trojan War.

Have you read any of these books?

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