Book Review: In a Holidaze

Take a Christmas romcom and give it a Groundhog Day twist and you get In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren.

I loved this adorable holiday romance. Maelyn or Mae is 26 and has been spending every Christmas with her family and close family friends in a cabin in Park City, Utah her entire life. It is her favorite time of year with their yearly traditions and spending time with the people she loves most in the world. One of those people is Andrew Hollis, whom she has had a crush on since she was a young teenager. After drunkenly making out with Andrew’s younger brother, Theo, who is also one of her best friends, she immediately regrets it. On the way to the airport after Christmas, she asks the universe to show her what would make her happy. The last thing she remembers is a truck about to crash into her car.

When Mae wakes up she’s back on the plane heading to Utah. She relives Christmas week over and over, each time getting closer to what would make her happy. Could that possibly be finally getting together with Andrew – the one she thinks is her true love?

The book was so cute and I loved the friends to lover romance. It made me all tingly inside to read about Mae and Andrew discovering their true feelings for each other after knowing each other their whole lives. It makes me wish I had that kind of experience. Not necessarily the childhood friends to lovers thing, but family friends that I grew up with and have that tight knit experience where we go to a cabin yearly etc.

I really appreciated that the novel didn’t replay the week an excessive amount of times and that the final time was for a good chunk of the book so that we could see the family dynamics and relationship develop instead of getting cut short again and again for her to go back to the beginning of the time loop.

Loved the book. Loved Mae and Andrew. It’s just a really lovely holiday romance!

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