Book Review: November 9

Of course I had to post my review for November 9 on November 9. ClichΓ©? Maybe, but I don’t care!

I Initially wanted to read this book by Colleen Hoover because I heard that there is a cameo by Miles and Tate from Ugly Love and you guys know I have a place in my heart for that book. I know not everyone loves Ugly Love and find it toxic, but I hardcore love that book. So, when I found out that Miles and Tate make an appearance I had to add it to my tbr.

The book is told from a dual POV – Ben and Fallon. Ben is the youngest brother of Ian (Miles’ best friend in Ugly Love). On one November 9, Ben and Fallon meet at a restaurant when he overhears her having a tension filled lunch with her father and he slides into the booth pretending to be her boyfriend to get her dad to back off. After an instant connection and learning that Fallon is moving from California to New York City that very night, they decide to meet every November 9. But, the catch is, they cannot keep in touch, text, call, write letters, or anything throughout the year. They just pick a place and time and plan to meet on November 9. Both 18, Ben is in college with hopes to become a writer. Fallon tells him that this could be a great book idea – documenting their November 9ths together and they will stop at 23 and decide where to go from there.

The book goes through all the November 9s and what happens during each of those times. Typical of Colleen Hoover books there is a good helping of heartache in it. I love books that make my heart ache and this one had me on the verge of tears or for real tearing up multiple times. There were good times between Fallon and Ben and there were heartbreaking times. Without saying it, the idea of soulmates or even just the idea of having such a strong connection with someone that it can transcend years, distance, hardship, tragedy is threaded into the storyline. It really is a beautiful story. The writing was beautiful as well.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 on Goodreads is because there were a couple things that Ben and Fallon both did that annoyed me and I wanted to shake them and tell them to stop being stupid! But, it all worked out the way it was supposed to so I still loved the book.

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