Book Review: 5 Rounds

I was in the mood for a spicy sports romance and I have had the Fight Game series by Nikki Castle on my tbr for a long time so I read 5 Rounds finally.

I loved this first book in the series so much! Its an MMA sports romance with enemies to lovers, forced proximity tropes and a dual POV.

Remy is in her mid 20s and when she’s not working her 9-5 corporate job, she’s working out and training at an MMA gym. She started the sport years ago when her best friend, Jax, got into it. Jax’s best friend that he might through training is Tristan, who has turned pro, is working his way towards the UFC. Remy and Tristan hate each other and can’t help but roast each other every time they see each other. If they have to be together for a group outing or party or at the gym everyone knows it has the potential to be explosive. When Remy’s landlord informs her that she has to move out because he needs the apartment back she has no where to go. The new apartment she finds won’t be ready for a few weeks. Her sister Hailey recently moved in with her boyfriend, but Jax offers her his room in the townhouse he shares with Jax since he’ll be out of town for work. She needs a place to live temporarily, but can she live in the same house as Tristan for two weeks?

This was such a good sports romance and the vibes were everything. I couldn’t put it down. I don’t know anything about MMA, but I could still imagine everything that was described in the book. I loved Remy and Tristan and all the side characters too. I loved seeing Remy and Tristan start to get along and when they really got to know one another they realized a lot of their assumptions about each other were wrong and maybe all their fighting was actually them denying their attraction to one another. When it comes to the spice, it is spicyyy and so good. The reason for the third act breakup was a little silly, but it worked out because it helped them both realize their true feelings for one another so it worked out.

Overall, I loved it! I may not know anything about MMA, but I do know that I loved this book and I know I’m going to love the rest of the series.

I can’t wait to get into book 2 next week which is about Jax and Hailey!

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