5 Books with Female Athletes

I was going through my list of post ideas and came across one I started a while ago of books with female athletes. I know the Women’s World Cup went on recently, but I honestly did not watch any of it so this post isn’t inspired by that, but I guess it works? lol

Most of the sports romances out there have a male athlete in the book, but I have read a few where the fmc is an athlete as well. Here are ones I’ve loved!

  • 5 Rounds – Remy is a MMA fighter. She doesn’t do it professionally as she has a full-time job, but works out at the gym regularly and if I remember correctly she does some tournaments and amateur fights.
  • Kulti – Sal is a professional soccer player.
  • From Lukov with Love – Jasmine is a pairs figure skater.
  • Fair Catch – Riley is the kicker for her college football team.
  • Icebreaker – Anastasia is a pair figure skater.

Have you read any books with female athletes that you really enjoyed?

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