Book Review: From Lukov with Love

If you’ve followed my book reviews for a while then you know I have absolutely loved every Mariana Zapata book I’ve read so far. For some reason I’ve been putting off fan favorite, From Lukov with Love. I think because in my mind I wasn’t sure if I’d be totally into a figure skating romance, but I’m so glad I read it because I loved it!

I brought the book with me to Iceland and finished it on the plane ride home. This slow burn, enemies to lovers, sports romance follows Jasmine Santos and Ivan Lukov. Jasmine is 26 and has been a a figure skater for most of her life, but has never won any major awards – the closest coming in second. Years ago she switched from singles to pairs figure skating and a couple years ago her partner abruptly left her and got a new partner. Still not ready to give up on her dream, she continues to train on her own while waitressing part time.

Ivan Lukov is a few years older that Jasmine and is the brother of her best friend. He’s also won a lot of awards and is the reigning World Champion. Ivan and Jasmine also don’t get along. But rumors start going around that Ivan and his partner have parted ways and Jasmine is shocked when Ivan and his coach ask to meet with Jasmine and they want her to be Ivan’s partner for the upcoming season. Jasmine thinks it over briefly – on the one hand she and Ivan are always mean to each other, and on the other hand this could be her chance to really win.

The two begin training together and now the two people who used to only make snarky comments to each other have to spend hours together every day and trust each other. As they get to really know each other they form an incredibly strong bond. Could this bond turn into a deep love?

I loved both Jasmine and Ivan. Jasmine was such a strong character and determined to dedicate her life to the thing she loved so much and was so passionate about. Even when she wasn’t winning gold medals and even when her partner left her, she didn’t give up. I loved Ivan and getting to know him as the book progressed. He went from a guy who seemed cold and distant to someone who has actually always been a really caring person. I loved how protective and supportive Ivan was of Jasmine and her realization that she wanted to be there for him too and always have his back.

I loved the book. There were funny moments and moments that almost had me tearing up.

This was an awesome enemies to lovers, slow burn, sports romance. As with all the other MZ books I’ve read, the spice comes much later on in the book since it’s slow burn, but is so worth it.

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