Book Review: Fair Catch

I’ve had the Red Zone Rivals series by Kandi Steiner on my tbr since last year and I’ve finally started the books!

The first book in this sports romance series is Fair Catch. I don’t hear about this one as much on bookstagram and I’m not sure if this one is the least popular or if this is just the oldest one so people don’t talk about it as much anymore.

Fair Catch has the childhood friends to enemies to lovers, brother’s best friend, forced proximity, and sports romance tropes.

This dual POV spicy sports romance follows Riley Novo and Zeke Collins. They, along with Riley’s twin brother, Gavin, were best friends growing up. Playing football, hanging out, etc. Riley played football with the boys just for fun when they were young and then she started playing soccer. But everything changed when they were 16 and Gavin was paralyzed in a car accident. Football was no longer an option for him. Gavin makes his twin sister promise him that she would take his place and become a kicker. She is hesitant because she’s a girl and there are hardly any girls playing football, but Gavin is adamant that his sister is good enough. More than just football changed with that accident. Riley began hating Zeke because of the role he played in the car accident.

Fast forward two years and now Riley and Zeke are both freshman at North Boston University and on the football team, trying to earn their spot as starters – Riley as a kicker and Zeke as a kick returner. They have to get along well enough for the team, but not only that due to a housing issue they have to be roommates too. The forced proximity has Riley starting to soften and eventually not hate Zeke on sight. The two help each other with the new demands of college and college football and the former childhood friends start to rekindle secret feelings they had for one another before that fateful accident.

I really liked this book. It wasn’t my favorite sports romance, but I still really enjoyed it and I really liked Riley and Zeke together. What I did love though was Riley being a football player. I think that’s so different and an amazing representation of women in sports!

I’ve heard that every book in this series gets better so I can’t wait to keep reading. I already started book 2, Blind Side, and am loving it so far. Then, I might take a short break from sports romance before I finish off the series. We’ll see!

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