Book Spotlight: Caesar Obsessed

I was sent Caesar Obsessed by Anthony R. Licata last year and wanted to do a spotlight on it. I tried to read it last week, but I just couldn’t get into it. I think it was just a little dense for me and I wasn’t in the mood for it even though the synopsis sounds interesting! Just because I couldn’t get into it last week doesn’t mean you may not like it. I saw some good reviews on Amazon so maybe one of you will also like it!

Below is the synopsis:

During Julius Caesar’s famed conquest of Gaul, the Roman Army was frequently raided by marauding Germanic warriors. Angered by these persistent attacks, Caesar built the first bridge on record over the Rhine River—in only ten days—and conducted a brief but devastating invasion of Germania.
That’s what history records. Caesar Obsessed offers an engrossing tale of what really happened.
Following Caesar’s narrow victory over the tribes of modern-day Belgium, the ravishing Devorra is given as a hostage by her father, the vanquished tribal leader. Caesar’s roving eye quickly settles on her, but Devorra loves the valiant Belgic warrior Gabinier. Believing he has been lost in the battle, she eventually succumbs to Caesar’s carnal desires. When Devorra is spirited away to Germania during a raid, Caesar’s anger sets off a cascade of seismic events, ranging from the bloody battlefields of Gaul to the chambers of cunning politicians in Rome.
All the while, Caesar’s top aide, Curio, and the brilliant engineer, Mamurra, work tirelessly to advance Caesar’s demands against staggering odds, while secretly entangled in their own highly charged romantic predicaments.
The risks and ensuing consequences threaten to derail Caesar’s ultimate questto rule the Roman Empire!

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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