Book Review: 3 Count

This week I read 3 Count by Nikki Castle, the latest book in the Fight Game series.

3 Count is the first book in the series that steps away from the original core 4 characters, but we still see them around and the mmc is a character we know. Aiden Reeves is a college senior and trains at the MMA gym with original characters Tristan, Remy, and Jax. We were introduced to him in the previous books as one of the younger guys and he is friends with the others.

While on campus one day he sees a young woman who is photographing people like a professional (she is a photojournalist). He’s drawn to how absorbed and passionate she seems in her photography and how beautiful she is with her long dark hair and edgy look.

Dani meets Aiden and with some flirting and talking about photography they end up sneaking into an off-limits campus building, hooking up, and running away from security. They don’t exchange contact info, but neither can stop thinking about the other until they run into each other one day. The two have insane chemistry and neither is looking for a relationship. Aiden is busy with training and trying to go pro while finishing up college. Plus he has some bias about women and relationships due to his past. Dani has no interest in ever being in a relationship. Her parents have been blissfully and happily married for 30 years, but in her eyes her former neurologist mother and lawyer father sacrificed too much of their careers to be married and have kids. So the two enter into a friends with benefits situationship and promise to never actually date. Of course, feelings develop and that brings on issues!

I really liked the book and I think it’s the spiciest of the three books in the series so far! Dani’s stubborness did get a little annoying later on, but I still liked her. I loved Aiden though! He was just such an all around good guy. I did find myself a little less invested in the two of them compared to the main characters in the first two books, but I still did like them and their relationship.

I can’t wait for book 4 this summer!

Read this if you’re interested in sports romance and/or friends with benefits to lovers!

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