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Annual Checks to Make Sure Your Home is Safe

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A home doesn’t run by itself! Homeowners need to stay on top of everything to ensure the building is safe for their family or ready for someone else to move into. Some of the annual safety checks for the home can be found the in the article below, including property inspections. 

Gas Safety Check 

Gas can be volatile and dangerous, especially if there is an unknown leak in the property. For this reason, and others, homes using gas are required to undertake an annual gas safety check. It’s not possible to carry out a gas safety check yourself; it needs to be from a gas professional. 

Make sure you book a gas professional for your home at some point during the year. Most people aim for the fall season before the weather changes and gets colder. A gas technician will check for gas leaks; they can also check the efficiency of your boiler and help to clean it out. 

Electrical Safety Check 

The electrical infrastructure of your home is used on a daily basis, but that doesn’t means it’s always safe. Whether you are in a new build home or an older property, you will need to have your electrics checked now and again. Usually, it means checking your electrics every year. 

Electrical safety checks on an annual basis are an excellent idea, especially if you have children on the property who might play with the sockets. Hopefully, your annual electric check will go without a hitch, but there could be the occasional issue that flags up preventing a fire or injury.  

Fire Safety Check 

Every home should be equipped with a fire alarm in every room. These fire alarms need to be checked regularly – usually once a week or once a month. Home fires can happen due to electrical faults, unattended cooking, or accidental fires that have a mysterious unknown origin. 

If you want to make sure your home is properly protected from a fire, or you want it checked for some other reason – perhaps asbestos – you need to arrange an inspection for home. Home inspections are an excellent way to make your home safe for your family or the property market.

Drainage Systems

Drains can become easily blocked, especially when there is oil and organic material going down the kitchen sink. Blocked drain lead to issues with flooding, bad smells, and wastewater in the home. It’s important to change home habits, but it’s also important to check the drains annually.   

Reduce drain blockages by changing your home habits. Never flush anything non-organic in the toilets, avoid putting oil down the kitchen sink, and use drain unblockers frequently. It’s a sensible idea to have a professional plumber check the drains in the fall before the cold season.  

Loft and Basement  

The last thing you want is problem pests in your gnawing at electrical wires and eating the crumbs in your kitchen. Avoid this by checking your loft and basement throughout the year – especially when the weather gets cold. Call a humane pest removal service if you find them. 

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