What People Get Wrong About Curb Appeal

Your outdoor matters just as much, if not more, than your indoor decor. Ultimately, the curb appeal effect is an extension of your home. It’s a bridge that connects people to your household, by letting them see what kind of homeowner or person you are. As a result, your front yard and your exterior wall deserve as much attention at the rest of your decor. They will influence how your community perceives you. Indeed, you can’t afford to boost your curb appeal only if you’re in the process of selling. Making your home look and feel welcoming to the people in your neighborhood is all about sending the right vibes and integrating into your area. Yet, too many of us still get it wrong. These are the costly mistakes that affect your reputation: 


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They don’t clean in depth
Autumn is the worst season for homeowners. Your front yard is covered in brown leaves. For homeowners, keeping your yard looking fresh and inviting is a challenge of every day. However, don’t let the leaves distract you from the big picture. Indeed, removing dead leaves and twigs is necessary, but it’s not enough. Your neighbors are going to notice stains on the driveway and porch area, which may be the result of mold formation, oil drips – especially if you park the car on the driveway – or simple weather damages. As a rule of thumb using a pressure washer once to twice a year on your front area can make a significant difference. Keeping your front yard clean will affect how you fit in your neighborhood. 

A fresh coat of paint doesn’t *always* help
Everybody knows that giving your home a new paint job could transform its appearance. The same principle applies to your curb. However, a paint job isn’t always the best approach, especially when it comes to your exterior wall. Indeed, when the wall is exposed to cold temperatures and hard elements, you need to add additional protection such as Spahn & Rose Lumber siding panels, which can weatherproof your exterior walls. In the long term, it will keep your home looking pristine to outsiders.

They buy everything new
If you’re not the kind of person who’s got green thumbs, you might be tempted to buy potted plants rather than grow your own. However, potted or not, plants require attention and care. A homeowner who neglects the front yard will soon discover that the greens have turned brown. Ultimately, the key to keep things looking fresh and lush is to maintain your plants. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes every week, but it can make a big difference. 


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They have too many rules
Last but not least, signage is important. Sure, you’d like to let the postman know that you don’t want advertising fliers. You might have a sign to remind the neighbors not to let their dog use your garden. You’ve also recently added a warning to ask kids not to walk on your lawn. But you have to be careful. Too many negative signs can make you look unfriendly and distant. 

Your curb appeal is an extension of your personality for your neighbors to get to know you. Keeping it clean, fresh, and welcoming is a no-brainer for a peaceful community. In short, make sure to avoid those mistakes that make you look like a bad neighbor! 

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