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VBeam Laser Session 3

I had my 3rd VBeam laser session last week and I wanted to give you a brief update! So after my 2nd session I had some swelling and a very dark bruise. My doctor said she had increased the setting of the laser, so knowing this when I went for the 3rd session I told the nurse about what had happened last time. She said it was good that I let them know so they can adjust accordingly. She told me that a lot of times they do the 1st session on the standard setting and if that goes well they sometimes increase the power for the 2nd session, but not everyone can handle it. Additionally, if you have pimples, rosacea, anything like that then the laser can exacerbate the appearance. So anyway, she told the doctor and when the doctor came in we briefly talked about it and decided to go back to the original setting.

So much better! It was quick just like the other 2 times (under 5 minutes). I don’t know if I’m just getting used to the pain or if this time it was so much better compared to the 2nd time but I didn’t feel like my face was on fire afterwards and I was fine waiting for 15 minutes to get home to put some ice on my face.

My red scars are definitely fading and I’m happy so far! The only thing is I now really notice the brown spots. The doctor said that often happens because the redness masks it well so once the redness is gone the brown spots are much more noticeable. There is a laser for the brown spots which I may consider doing once I’m done with these treatments I’m doing now.

Photos are from before I went in to my appointment, when I first came out, and 2 days later.

VBeam Session 3VBeam Session 3 1VBeam Session 3 2VBeam Session 3 3VBeam Session 3 4VBeam Session 3 5VBeam Session 3 6

I have an appointment set for my 4th treatment in November and hopefully we’ll be done after that. Then, I can decide if I want to pursue the laser treatment for the brown spots and/or a treatment for the texture of my skin. I will keep you posted!

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