• VBeam Session 5

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    VBeam Session 5

    On Wednesday I had my 5th and final VBeam laser session! For those of you who don’t know, I started getting VBeam laser treatments on my face back in August. Over the past few years whenever I would get a pimple it would leave a scar/dark mark on my face. This has never happened to me before when I was younger and while I never get horrible breakouts with a lot of acne, I do get 1-2 at a time every now and then. But all those pimples add up when you take in to account that each time it would leave a mark on my face. So last year…

  • VBeam Session 4

    Skin Care

    VBeam Laser Session 4

    I had my 4th VBeam laser treatment session on Wednesday and like my previous posts on the treatment I wanted to do a post on it. Not much to report this time so it will be a quick post! If you’re new around here, I started doing VBeam laser treatments at Reflections Center for Skin & Body in August after a consultation. I wanted to get rid of some scars/dark marks on my face from pimples. The procedure is extremely quick. You clean your face, the nurse put the goggles on you, the doctor zaps your face with the laser which stings/burns a little but isn’t too painful, and then you’re…

  • VBeam Session 3

    Skin Care

    VBeam Laser Session 3

    I had my 3rd VBeam laser session last week and I wanted to give you a brief update! So after my 2nd session I had some swelling and a very dark bruise. My doctor said she had increased the setting of the laser, so knowing this when I went for the 3rd session I told the nurse about what had happened last time. She said it was good that I let them know so they can adjust accordingly. She told me that a lot of times they do the 1st session on the standard setting and if that goes well they sometimes increase the power for the 2nd session, but…