VBeam Session 5
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VBeam Session 5

On Wednesday I had my 5th and final VBeam laser session! For those of you who don’t know, I started getting VBeam laser treatments on my face back in August. Over the past few years whenever I would get a pimple it would leave a scar/dark mark on my face. This has never happened to me before when I was younger and while I never get horrible breakouts with a lot of acne, I do get 1-2 at a time every now and then. But all those pimples add up when you take in to account that each time it would leave a mark on my face. So last year I had asked my dermatologist about getting rid of the scars. He told me that there are laser treatments but that he doesn’t offer them at his office. He gave me some topical creams to try to lessen the scarring, but I didn’t notice a big difference. So when I had my next annual check-up the next year (this past June) he referred me to a place that does all those cosmetics dermatology things.

So I have been going since to Reflections Center for Skin & Body since August and getting a VBeam Laser treatment once a month. This particular laser is for redness. The treatments take less than 5 minutes – they are so quick. The laser does hurt a little, but it’s not too bad and it’s so fast that it’s manageable.

I have noticed a difference for sure. My skin isn’t perfect, but the red marks have definitely faded a lot and evened out my skin tone. I’m very pleased! The amount of treatments you’ll need varies from person to person. I needed 5 and I probably could do another, but I’m happy enough with the progress and I’d rather move on now to a different laser to get rid of the brown marks.

The first photo is from right before my appointment. I am wearing minimal makeup since I knew I was going to my appointment after work and would have to take my makeup off when I got there.

The next photo is from an hour after my appointment. My face stays red for a few hours after the appointment. Sometimes I ice it if my face is feeling really hot and burning. I did not ice it this time.

The last few photos are from the next day. The redness had mostly gone away, but my skin was still a bit tender and there were a few little swollen bumps, but overall I was fine and back to normal. Much better than one of my previous sessions when my doctor increased the intensity of the laser and I ended up with a black bruise!

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My skin isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than it was before in terms of the dark marks and scarring so I’m feeling much better and more confident about it.

I’ll be back next month to share how my first session with the Pico laser goes!

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