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A few years ago I made Christmas cards. Nothing fancy, just card stock, markers, and 3D Christmas stickers. Well, this year, since I have just moved (literally, I just officially moved in yesterday) I came up with a super easy and simple Christmas card this year.

My vision was to get plain white cards and to draw a door on them with my new house number and a 3D wreath sticker. I went to Michael’s and couldn’t find anything! Most of the Christmas stuff was wiped out and this was back in early December so it’s not like I was looking last minute! I found a few things that could have possibly worked if I was in a bind, but the line was insanely long. It wrapped around the store! I went to the Dollar Store and that was a bust too. Luckily, I did find what I was looking for on the Michael’s website and they were having an online sale. The items came in just this past Monday and I put the cards together real fast so I could mail them out.

The doors aren’t drawn as neat or as even as I would have liked, but I was trying to get them done quickly. Let’s just say the imperfections make it look more homemade and unique!

All I did was draw the doors on the cards using a black Sharpie and then accentuate the corners of the card with the red and green sharpies. I added the glittery wreath stickers on to the door and then wrote my new house number above it. I also made a mail slot because I think that’s such an old school/classic detail to add to a door.

Christmas Card MakingFront Door Christmas CardFront Door Christmas Card 1Front Door Christmas Card 2Front Door Christmas Card 3

I wrote a short personalized message inside the cards and sent them off! I love that the cards came with envelopes so that I didn’t have to find envelopes that would fit my cards. I remember last time I made my cards, I just used card stock and had to keep trimming my cards until they would fit in the envelopes I had.

Anyway, I do really love the way these cards turned out. Very simple, but has such a classic feel. A simple door with a glittery Christmas wreath.

I only sent out a few cards this year, but maybe next year when I have more time I can do something a little more elaborate and send out more.

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