Sherpa Coat + Faux Leather Skirt
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Holiday Look: Sherpa + Faux Leather

It still doesn’t feel like Christmas is just 2 days away. It just seems unbelievable to me! I didn’t get to do a many holiday related things as I had wanted to this year, but moving kept me really busy. I need to finish wrapping gifts today!

I’m sharing another look I shot with Lauren during our holiday shoot for today’s post and it is one of my all-time favorite looks! Back in October or November I got a faux leather pencil skirt and thought it would look so cool paired with a graphic tee. It would be such a cool combo of edgy and fun/cute. I knew I wanted to wear it for my holiday shoot and so I was thinking of what tee to wear. Should I buy a new Christmas tee? Then, I remembered I had this Grinch inspired tee from last winter – the green tee with the red heart and dotted outlines are for the Grinch’s heart growing 2 sizes! I thought that would be perfect. It’s holiday without being too in your face and plus the heart would be easy to spot in photos without it being some cursive print or something that would be hard to decipher.

Next, I knew I would wear booties with the look and I didn’t want to wear colored tights because I didn’t think they would look good with the skirt so I just wore stockings/pantyhose. Even though they’re basically see-through I felt like they’d provide a tiny bit of warmth in the cold!

Lastly, I knew I needed some sort of coat since I was only wearing a skirt and tee and it was 40 degrees. I thought about wearing a moto jacket, but then I decided on my long sherpa coat from 2 winters ago and the image of the outfit in my head looked awesome. So that’s what I went with!


Coat: Gap | Tee: Jane | Skirt: LOFT (here) | Boots: DSW

I love the way the outfit turned out! Like I said above, it’s one of my favorite looks I’ve put together. I think it’s a great holiday look without being too on the nose. Perfect for a holiday dinner out or happy hour.

Everything here except for my faux leather skirt is old so I’m linking to similar items!

Are you ready for Christmas?

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