• Gold Sequin Sweater

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    Gold Sequin Cropped Sweater

    Merry Christmas Eve to all of you who celebrate! This is the least prepared I’ve been for the holidays, I feel. I just finished wrapping gifts yesterday. I feel like I’m way ahead of the game usually and this year with my move I’ve just been so busy plus I feel like my festivities and Christmas decor have been in limbo while I was between places for so long. Now that I’m finally in my place full time I’m in no hurry to take my beautiful tree down! I will probably wait until the first weekend of January so I can bask in it’s glow for a while longer! Today I’m…

  • Sherpa Coat + Faux Leather Skirt

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    Holiday Look: Sherpa + Faux Leather

    It still doesn’t feel like Christmas is just 2 days away. It just seems unbelievable to me! I didn’t get to do a many holiday related things as I had wanted to this year, but moving kept me really busy. I need to finish wrapping gifts today! I’m sharing another look I shot with Lauren during our holiday shoot for today’s post and it is one of my all-time favorite looks! Back in October or November I got a faux leather pencil skirt and thought it would look so cool paired with a graphic tee. It would be such a cool combo of edgy and fun/cute. I knew I wanted…

  • Christmas Graphic Fleece Sweatshirt

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    Christmas Fleece Sweatshirt

    Today is my last day of work before 2 weeks of winter break! I’m so excited and am in need of a break. My throat is a bit sore, which is typical. My body always seems to break down/shut down right when I’m about to start a break. It’s like my body holds on until I don’t have work and then falls apart. I’m trying to nip this in the bud because I definitely do not want to be sick for the holidays. Yesterday I was able to wear a Christmas sweater to work for holiday festivities and I wore the one I shared a few days ago on here…

  • Pompom Reindeer Sweater

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    Christmas Sweaters

    I hesitate to call Christmas sweaters – ugly Christmas sweaters – because I actually find a lot of them cute! Cute in that cheesy and sometimes funny way. But anyway, I love a good Christmas sweater. Every year I look for some cute sweaters since I find holiday-wear to be so fun. I’ve gotten a few Christmas sweatshirts, sweaters, tops this year and I wanted to show off 2 with you today. One that could be classified as “ugly” but I find funny and cute and the other that I think is just plain adorable! Which one do you think is cuter? I think the pink sweater with Santa riding…

  • Sweater Dress + Plaid Scarf

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    Oatmeal Sweater Dress + Plaid Scarf

    I’m so excited to share with you the first look of three that I shot with Lauren last weekend for our holiday shoot. Christmas decor is my absolute favorite so I was so looking forward to this holiday shoot! We met up in the Palmer Square area of Princeton which was beautifully decorated for the holidays. When I tell you it was like walking in a Hallmark movie, I am being so serious. There were even carolers! It was basically a dream come true for me! For this first outfit I’m sharing with you I wore an oatmeal colored sweater dress and an oversized plaid fringe scarf. You can’t really…

  • Blazer + Christmas Bow Brooch


    Christmas Bow Brooch

    I don’t remember why, but for some reason I was looking at bows on Etsy. Random, I know, but I really can’t remember why I was looking! Anyway, I came across this bow ribbon with a large beaded heart and it had the perfect Christmas colors – red and green. I thought it would be a perfect accessory for the holidays. Whether pinned to your button down as a sort of tie, on to a sweater as a brooch, or on to your tote bag as a little fun Christmas detail – I thought it would be so fun to work with. During my holiday photoshoot with Lauren, I decided…

  • green-velvet-dress

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    Green Velvet

    When I think of velvet, not only does winter come to mind but the holidays. I have memories of being a little girl and being put in velvet dresses for Christmas with tights. I love the look and feel of the classic fabric. Luckily for me, velvet is in fashion right now and so is more easy to find. Now, if you’ve been following me for a while you know that green is my all-time favorite color so when I saw this off-the-shoulder green velvet dress on the ASOS website last month (and on sale!) I had to get it for the holidays. I wore the dress for Christmas Eve…

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    Heavy Metal: Metallic Dress

      Heavy Metal: Metallic Dress by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a handbag purse We’re right in the season of holiday parties and I, for one, love to have a reason to get dressed up! When Polyvore had a metallic dress challenge, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to come up with a formal holiday party look. I chose this  Yves Saint Laurent dark green metallic strapless dress with a large bow design. This gorgeous dress is artsy and elegant at the same time. Since the dress makes such a statement with the bow I opted for no jewelry. Instead I opted for a blinged out Judith Lieber clutch with crystal embellishments…

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    Holiday Chic: Mini Dresses

      Holiday Chic: Mini Dresses by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring an outdoor light I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner! Since it is the holiday season, you may find yourself going to a few holiday parties in the next few weeks. Today, I’m sharing a holiday chic mini dress with you. Now this one is a bit more risqué with the open back, which may be okay for some company parties if your company is more young and trendy. Otherwise, this could be a good option for a holiday party with friends and family. For this look, I chose to forgo the traditional holiday colors and metallic materials in the…

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    Holiday Obsessions with BCBGMAXAZRIA

    Holiday Obsessions with BCBGMAXAZRIA by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a wrap bracelet I have so much fun creating these sets on Polyvore. I especially like entering the contests they run because it gives me an idea or goal of something to create. A few weeks ago, Thanksgiving week to be exact, BCBGMAXAZRIA was running a contest on Polyvore for a holiday look. Now, I didn’t win the contest, but I wanted to share the look because I really love it. The lace accented top is classy but fun. The sequin wrap skirt is something I wish I had in my own closet. I love the cut and look of a wrap skirt and…