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October 2019 Favorites

How was everyone’s Halloween? Aside from the kids at school dressing up, it didn’t really feel like Halloween to me! So the fact that it’s now November is just crazy to me. I don’t have that many October favorites, but the ones I do have I seriously love.

First up, empanadas from Division Street Cafe Earlier in the month I was really in the mood for some empanadas and I have gotten take out empanadas from Division Street Cafe multiple times this month! They heat up great for lunch at work too! One photo is from when I was heating up a bunch at home and one photo is from when I went to lunch at the cafe last year.

EmpanadasDivision Street Cafe - Empanadas

Next up, 2000s music. Some days I get tired of what’s on my playlists on Spotify so I find playlists of hits from 2000, 2001, 2002 etc. and it’s really fun to listen to throwbacks from my teen years and songs that I forgot about or hadn’t heard in so long.


Another entertainment favorite for October was the final season of Suits. The show ended in September I think and I have been watching since it started 8 years ago. I didn’t watch the final season as it aired but I had the whole season saved on the DVR so I watched it over the course of a week and I really loved the final season and how they tied up all the loose ends. I’m going to miss the show!


And a last minute favorite (from today actually) is the Today Show Halloween segment. The anchors all dressed as famous dancers and it is too good!

My last two favorites are fashion favorites. First are my stud earrings from LOFT . I bought these on sale early in the month and love them. They have great variety so you can match them with virtually any outfit and they are incredibly comfortable and lightweight. I hardly even remember I have them on when I wear them! Plus, my ears are sensitive and they don’t bother my ears in the slightest.

LOFT stud earring set

The second fashion favorite and my last overall monthly favorite are my light grey plush leggings. These are so soft and comfortable! They are lightweight so your legs won’t be sweating in them but they are super soft and stretchy. I have been living in these after work this week.

Plush leggingsPlush leggings 1

That does it for my monthly favorites! What are some things you loved in October?

I’ve linked to my earrings and plush leggings below. I’ve also linked to a few other earring sets from LOFT.

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