Home Renovation Trends for 2020

As we settle into the New Year you may be wondering what home improvements you could make this year that help improve your home’s aesthetics, improve curb appeal, add to the value or improve energy efficiency. 

When we own a home it never feels quite finished, we all have a desire to keep improving it and tweaking it here and there. It’s all part of being a homeowner. 

Here are the top 3 home renovation trends for 2020.


  1. Home Wellness


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We all strive to keep ourselves healthy by exercising regularly, eating healthy and taking good care of ourselves. This year, the way in which our home supports good health is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. There are many aspects of our home that may be damaging for our health from our carpets full of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to the pathogens that are allowed to breed and spread in our cotton bedsheets. 

The home wellness movement aims to change your home’s environment through eco-friendly products and home improvements that support the good health of you and your family.

Millennial homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of toxic chemicals used in everyday cleaning products and household items. Removing these toxic chemicals from the home will be high on the agenda for homeowners this year. Water and air purification systems are set to continue to sell this year too.


  1. Surfaces


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It’s estimated that improvements and new installations of surfaces in our house are one of the most popular trends in home design right now. Old carpets are being exchanged for new non-toxic and more energy-efficient carpets. Wooden floors are being replaced by vinyl flooring which is far cheaper and more durable. Kitchen worktops are being replaced by hard-wearing, heat resistant, antibacterial and easy to clean granite finishes.

Materials and installation of new surfaces has dramatically decreased over the last decade, speak to builder-questions.com about the best surfaces for your specific application. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies, 5.3 million homeowners spend $3,282 a year on surface improvements in their house making it the most popular home improvement of them all. 


  1. Energy Efficiency


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More and more people are becoming eco-conscious and concerned about the energy efficiency of their homes. They want to actively reduce their carbon footprint and help mitigate their negative impact on the environment. This demand has led to a ‘green revolution’ in almost every industry on the planet, including home design and renovations. 

The list of energy-efficient improvements is endless but there are few that have been the most popular including vinyl windows, solar PV and energy-efficient doors. Heat loss has become a major issue in homes so homeowners want improvements that help save them money on their bills. Solar PV can help remove yourself from the national grid giving you an incredible return on your investment over a 25 year period. 

Other trends in energy-efficient renovations include replacing high energy appliances with Energy Star appliances, installing a smart meter, adding insulation, installing efficient water systems, and replacing old light bulbs.

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  • Jared Eck

    Thanks Jamie for sharing this useful post 🙂
    I liked your point : “The home wellness movement aims to change your home’s environment through eco-friendly products and home improvements that support the good health of you and your family.”

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