Forced Proximity Part 2

So apparently it’s been a while since I posted my first forced proximity book picks because when I looked at my new list I had 14 (!) to share! So here’s part 2 and a quick run down of them!

  • Twisted Love – Alex and Ava live together while her brother is away as a medical volunteer. They’ve never really gotten along in the past and now have to spend a lot of time together since Ava’s brother asked his best friend, Alex, to watch out for her.
  • Terms and Conditions – Declan and Iris get engaged and move in together to fulfill part of Declan’s task that his grandfather left him in order to earn his inheritance.
  • Final Offer – Cal and Lana have to spend the summer living together in his family’s lake house in order to fulfill part of his task that his grandfather left him in order to earn his inheritance.
  • The Bride Test – Khai and Esme live together on a trial basis for the summer after his mom brings her back with her from Vietnam to see if they would hit it off and get married.
  • Does It Hurt? – Enzo and Sawyer get caught in a storm and Enzo’s boat capsizes. The two enemies wash up on shore of a remote island with a lone lighthouse and creepy lighthouse keeper. They have to stay there until the next supply ship comes.
  • A Cross-Country Christmas – Lauren and Will both live in LA but haven’t seen in each other in years. Will is Lauren’s brother’s best friend who she used to have a crush on growing up but he unknowingly broke her heart years ago. Now they have to road trip together back to Illinois when Lauren’s brother and his wife have a baby.
  • Mr. Wrong Number – Olivia used to have a crush on her brother’s best friend, Colin, when they were younger. They don’t get along now, but Olivia just moved back to town and has nowhere to live and no job so she is staying with her brother and Colin temporarily.
  • Birthday Girl – Jordan and her boyfriend Cole got kicked out of their apartment after he had a party that got the cops called on him. Now they have to live with his dad, Pike. Pike had Cole when he was a teenager and he and Jordan met the night of the party at the movies and hit it off. Now Jordan has to live in the same house as the guy she had instant chemistry with who happens to be the father of her boyfriend who has been increasingly neglectful of her.
  • Exes & O’s – Tara and Trevor are new roommates. Tara’s sister and Trevor’s best friend/ex-roommate are now engaged and living together so Tara moved in with Trevor.
  • 5 Rounds – Remy and Tristan do not like each other, but have to see each other because they train at the same MMA gym and Tristan is best friends and the roommate of Remy’s long time best friend, Jax. When Remy has to move out of her apartment, she moves in with Tristan since Jax will be away for work for a few weeks.
  • Fair Catch – Riley and Zeke used to be best friends as kids along with her twin brother. But then something happens that Riley cannot forgive Zeke for and now she can’t stand him. Now they go to the same college, are on the same football team, and although Riley was supposed to get her own dorm room amongst the football team because she’s a girl, a housing issue causes her and Zeke to have to room together.
  • A Not So Meet Cute – Huxley and Lottie are strangers, but after bumping in to each other and realizing they both are in predicaments that could be solved if they fake date, they pretend to be engaged and Lottie moves in with Huxley.
  • So Not Meant to Be – JP has had a crush on Kelsey since the first time he met her. Kelsey shuts him down and says anything between them is off-limits because she wants to be taken seriously in her new business partnership with the Cane brothers. When JP’s older brother, Huxley, sends him and Kelsey to San Francisco to work on a project they have to live together in a penthouse for a few weeks.
  • Hail Mary – Mary hates football players and especially Leo Hernandez because of something from their past. When a burst pipe ruins the house she rents and will take a long time to fix up, she has nowhere to go. Leo and 3 of his teammates live in the house across the street and insist on Mary moving in with them until she can go back to her house.

Have you read any of these books? Are you as big of a fan of this trope as I am?

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