Book Review: Final Offer

I finished the last book in the Dreamland Billionaires series by Lauren Asher the other day, Final Offer. It was my favorite book of the series!

Final Offer follows middle Kane brother, Callahan or Cal. As with his other two brothers in The Fine Print and Terms & Conditions, he was also left with a task by his late grandfather to complete in order to gain his inheritance. His task? He has to spend a summer at the family lake house at Lake Wisteria and sell the house by the end of the summer. The problem? 6 years ago he broke the heart of Lana Castillo, his childhood best friend and love of his life and he promised he’d never come back. The bigger problem? Lana and her niece are living there and her name is also on the deed.

Can Cal and Lana live together for a whole summer at the lake? Can he convince Lana to sell the house?

I loved this book. The love Cal and Lana still had for each other and how much they try to fight it. Lana because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. Cal because he doesn’t feel like he deserves anything good in his life. Cal has a lot of demons and has had a lot of issues with addiction stemming from his childhood. I loved how realistic Cal’s journey and growth was in this book. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t like Cal decided he loves Lana and he’ll be sober immediately for her. He struggles, he messes up, he hates himself when he messes up, etc. The book has funny moments and also has dark and raw moments. And Cami, Lana’s niece, steals the show with her sassy adorable-ness!

The epilogue with the brothers and their families was so cute and I loved it.

Overall, I enjoyed this series and this one was my favorite! Read Final Offer if you want to read a spicy, billionaire romance with the second chance romance trope.

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