Book Review: King of Greed

I will read anything Ana Huang writes and I love her Kings of Sin series so when I found out that the third book in the series, King of Greed, would be about Dominic and Alessandra I was so excited.

If you’ve read King of Wrath and King of Pride then you are familiar with Dominic and Alessandra. This is a marriage in trouble, second chance romance novel. When they got together in college, Dom had no money and they struggled in the early years of their marriage, although Ále does come from money. Dominic was determined to take over Wall St. and Alessandra was right by his side through it all. But as he became more successful in business, he didn’t slow down and only became more consumed with work and staying on top, even after becoming a billionaire. Now they’ve been married for 10 years and despite Dom being the King of Wall St. he keeps working and spends more time in the office than at home, often forgetting about dinner plans and other things he’s supposed to be doing with his wife.

When Dom gets caught up in a work crisis and forgets about his 10th wedding anniversary trip with Ále, she leaves him. His world comes crashing down and he does everything he can to win her back. He realizes he let his ambitions blind him and lost the most important thing in his life – the love of his life. Meanwhile, Ále is still very much in love with Dom, but she feels like she’s lost herself in recent years and put him first and now it’s time for her to do whatever she wants. Will Dom win her back? Will Ále decide she likes being on her own and not want to get back together with Dom?

I actually love the marriage in trouble trope (obviously not in real life!) because I love seeing the couple find their way back to each other. After a lot of groveling from the mmc of course! This book was so good, especially because if you read the first 2 books then you saw the hints of the marriage troubles back then so this book is when it all comes to a head. I absolutely loved Dom and Alessandra! Dom’s groveling and everything he did to try to win Alessandra back was so good. I loved that he never pushed her, he was just honest and let her do her thing while he continued to support her and express his undying love for her. I’m not sure if they’re my favorite Kings of Sin couple so far or if they’re tied with Dante and Vivian.

Read this if you want a spicy, marriage in trouble, second chance, billionaire romance.

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