Book Review: A Wingman for Christmas

A Wingman for Christmas by Barbara Barth is a holiday novella that follows Cheryl Calloway, a 50-something divorcée whose mother just recently moved in with her.

Cheryl is adjusting to having her chain smoking mother living with her after her and her siblings all decide Mama (everyone calls her Mama) shouldn’t be living alone anymore. Originally Cheryl and her siblings were all supposed to take turns having Mama live with them, but when Mama won’t part with her new pet parrot, Nigel, Cheryl becomes the only one that will let Mama live with her full time.

Cheryl is not only adjusting to life with her mother and her mother’s new boyfriend who gets driven over from the nursing home for dates, but she lives across the street from her ex-husband and his new wife! When Nigel gets abducted, Cheryl learns about what’s really important in life and how in times of need even the unlikeliest people can come together for the greater good.

I liked this story and loved the relationship between Cheryl and Mama. Mama definitely stole the show and was a fabulous character!

Minor spoilers ahead!

There is a little bit of a romance that begins to develop in the novella, but it seemed a little forced in my opinion. Although maybe since it was a short novel there just wasn’t time for it to really develop. I also thought the whole thing with Cheryl and her ex and his new wife was a little off and their new found friendship in the second half of the novella was weird. Cheryl is a better person than me, because I would not become all buddy buddy with them after my husband cheated on me with the neighbor! But that’s just me haha.

Anyway, I did like the story and Mama was my favorite!

*I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.*

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