Bound in Flame

Book Review: Bound in Flame

Today’s book review is on a book that I truly could not put down the past few days – Bound in Flame by Katherine Kayne. I started the book probably a week or two ago, but was so busy that I could only read a chapter here and there. But, for the past few days I have dedicated time to read since I really wanted to get this review up and during those times of the day I could not put the book down. Before I knew it, each day, an hour had gone by and I needed to make dinner or something but couldn’t put the book down!

Bound in Flame

The novel takes place primarily in Hawaii in 1909. Letty Lang is a young Hawaiian woman (I don’t remember if they ever say her exact age, but I believe her to be around 18-ish) who dreams of being a veterinarian. Easier said than done since first, she’s a woman and it’s 1909, and second the whole family is in Hawaii while she’s been in school in San Francisco. On top of that, she has come to learn that she has powers. Rest easy, that isn’t a superhero story and she can’t fly or anything – she has ancient powers from the Hawaiian ancestors.

As she learns the good and bad that comes with her newfound powers, she also meets and becomes enamored with Timothy Rowley – a British transplant who is part of the British aristocracy and now resides in Hawaii with dreams of owning his own plantation and sugar mill after his own family troubles. Can they be together when she doesn’t know if her powers will harm him? Not to mention that they come from different backgrounds – ethnically and social class-wise.

I really loved the book and couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to know what would happen! I’ve had the great fortune of having visited Hawaii multiple times and this book makes me want to go back ASAP!

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.*

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