Book Review: 99 Percent Mine

After I read The Hating Game this spring, I found out that Sally Thorne wrote a bonus epilogue chapter and included it in the back of her 2nd novel, 99 Percent Mine. Obviously, I had to get it to read! It helped that 99 Percent Mine looked really good. Spoiler alert – it was really good!

The novel follows Darcy Barrett, a young woman in her late 20s. She was a professional photographer who has lost herself a bit and now is a bartender until she can leave town again since she loves to travel the world. Why can’t she leave town yet? Her beloved grandmother, Loretta, passed away and left her and her twin brother, Jamie, her house with the explicit instructions to renovate the house, sell it, and split the money.

It seems straightforward until she comes home from the bar one night to find Tom Valeska in her driveway. Tom is her childhood friend and best friend to her brother. He lived across the street from them growing up so they have all been super close since they were 8 years old. So close that he was practically a third grandchild to Loretta. Now, Tom has been hired by Jamie to oversee the renovations with his newly formed construction company. Again, seems easy enough. Except, Darcy has been in love with Tom since they were kids. No one has ever quite measured up to perfect Tom Valeska. The problem is even though they were good friends he was always best friends with her brother and 99% his and only 1% Darcy’s. But now, Tom is single for the first time in close to 10 years and she is determined to make him 100% hers. Especially now that her brother works far away (a plane ride away far) and can’t get in the way.

I thought it was interesting that a majority of the book takes place in the house or the yard. The book is really like a character in the book because it means so much to them. I think there are 2 scenes/chapters in bars and one at the house of Darcy’s best friend, Truly. And then little bits in other places at the end and epilogue, but don’t want to give anything away.

I absolutely loved this book! Darcy is a bit of a mess, but relatable. Tom is just book boyfriend perfection so you already know he’s making it onto my next round of book boyfriends! It’s a friends to lovers and brother’s best friend trope book. If you are into either of those or are in the mood for a romcom then I highly recommend this one.

Oh and The Hating Game bonus epilogue was worth it!

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