Book Review: Risky Restoration

You might remember that last month I shared the new cover to E.F. Dodd’s steamy romcom, Risky Restoration. I read the book this week and enjoyed it so much!

I read the second book in this series, Earning It, last year and loved it. Since it is about the same friend group, I knew going in to this one how it would end, but I enjoyed it nonetheless to see how Kez and Jackson met and fell in love.

The story follows Kez or Kesler Walsh, a Charlotte based lawyer in her late 20s. Unable or unwilling to enter a long term relationship after the heartbreaking breakup with her law school boyfriend, Miller, years ago, Kez feels the need to see him. After some internet stalking she not only learns that he’s engaged, but that he’s attending his high school reunion in a month in Rochester, NY. She convinces her best friends Rae and V to go with her so she can either get closure or he can see her and realize he’s still in love with her. But Kez’s plans get derailed on the first night when she meets Jackson Jenkins at the hotel bar. His charm and good looks start to make Kez wonder if maybe Miller should stay in the past. When she learns that Jackson went to high school with Miller and is willing to be her fake boyfriend so she can go with him to the festivities, it seems too good to be true. Of course, Jackson doesn’t want to be just a fake boyfriend and intends to prove to Kez that he should be her real boyfriend.

I love fake dating tropes and while the fake dating in this one doesn’t last that long, it was still a nice addition. I loved Jackson and even though Kez kept making the same mistakes over and over again, which got a little annoying, I liked her too. I loved watching them get to know each other and see their feelings for each other develop. Now I feel like I need to re-read Earning It so I can pay closer attention to Kez and Jackson as an established couple!

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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