Fake Dating Book Picks Part 3

I’m back with part 3 of book picks featuring the fake dating trope!

  • Risky Restoration – Kez goes to upstate New York to hopefully run in to her ex. She meets Jackson who went to high school with the ex and they fake date so she can be his date to the high school reunion.
  • The Kiss Quotient – Stella is autistic and wants to learn how to be better in social situations and intimate. She hires Michael to help her and to Michael’s family she is his girlfriend.
  • The Love Wager – After a one-night stand, Hallie and Jack end up becoming friends and supporting each other through the dating scene. When Hallie needs a date to her sister’s destination wedding, Jack pretends to be her boyfriend.
  • My Phony Valentine – Poppy is a chef in a small town and Dallas is a professional hockey player with a bad boy reputation. Dallas moves to Poppy’s town temporarily for some peace and quiet. When Poppy pretends Dallas is her boyfriend to get her life-long bully to leave her alone, the two decide to continue to fake date to benefit both of them. The relationship makes Poppy’s restaurant more popular and having a girlfriend helps Dallas’ image.
  • Blind Side – Clay is a star football player and Giana is a student PR manager. The two decide to fake date to make Clay’s ex-girlfriend jealous and to make Giana’s crush notice her.
  • A Not So Meet Cute – Huxley and Lottie fake date and are fake engaged to help Huxley clinch a business deal. In return, Lottie gets her student loans paid off and gets a place to stay.

Do you have any books with the fake dating trope that you love?

Check out part 1 and 2 if you missed them!

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