Faking Dating Book Picks Part 2

I love a good fake dating trope in a book. Bonus points if one of them gets jealous when someone else gets interested in the other. I did a round up of some fav fake dating books back in the summer and thought it was time for a part 2.

  • The American Roommate Experiment – Lucas and Rosie go on fake dates to help Rosie get through her writer’s block and give her inspiration for her next romance novel.
  • Mixed Signals – Caleb has had a crush on Layla for a long time, but never had the confidence to tell her or to act on it. Layla has a string of horrible boyfriends and dates in her past. Caleb proposes they go on practice dates so she can experience some good dates and he can practice dating since his dates don’t tend to translate into relationships.
  • Twisted Lies – Stella and Christian decide to fake date after realizing it would be mutually beneficial. Stella’s influencer career is plateauing, but glimpses into her dating life gives her a boost. Christian has no interest in dating, but people are always trying to get with him or set him up since he is handsome and an eligible billionaire.
  • The Wall of Winnipeg & Me – This is more of a fake marriage trope. Aiden, a pro football player, asks Vanessa, his former assistant, to marry him so he can stay in the country.
  • The Dare – During a party at her sorority house, Taylor’s sorority sisters (who love to humiliate her) dare her to hook up with Conor Edwards, a popular hockey player. After Taylor tips him off as to what’s going on, he convinces her to keep up the ruse and pretend they’re dating to get back at her sorority sisters.

Do you have any books with the fake dating trope that you really liked?

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