Fake Dating Book Picks

One of my favorite book tropes is fake dating. It’s always such a fun storyline! Here are a few that I love.

  • The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren – In The Unhoneymooners Olive and Ethan have to pretend to be newlyweds (so I guess this is more fake marriage, but whatever!) in Hawaii. Olive’s sister and Ethan’s brother just got married but everyone at the wedding got food poisoning except for Olive and Ethan. Rather than let the all-expenses paid for honeymoon go to waste, the two go on the trip. What makes it funnier is that they hate each other.
  • Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison – In Lovelight Farms, Stella’s farm is not doing too well and in an effort to save it she enters a social media contest. The problem is the influencer who is running the contest is coming to visit and Stella said she owned the farm with her boyfriend…and she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Her best friend, Luka, agrees to be her fake boyfriend.
  • The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas – Catalina has to go back to her hometown in Spain for her sister’s wedding. She left years ago for NYC after a messy breakup. She hasn’t dated since and doesn’t want to see the pitying looks of friends and family when she returns so she told them she has a boyfriend and would be bringing him. There is no boyfriend. Her work nemesis overhears her talking to her best friend, Rosie, and offers to be her fake boyfriend.
  • The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood – Olive is a Ph.D student who is very focused on her work and not interested in dating. Her best friend is on her case though so Olive makes up that she’s dating someone. One night when she’s supposed to be out on a date but is actually at the lab, she sees her best friend down the hall so she grabs the guy who also happens to be in the hallway and kisses him. Who’s the guy? Dr. Adam Carlsen, the very successful scientist/professor at the university who has a reputation of being an ass. Now, her best friend thinks she’s dating Adam. The two decide to pretend to be in a fake relationship so Olive can get her friends off her case about dating and Adam can secure funding for his lab (the school has held up his money because they suspect that he’s going to leave them for Harvard – if they know he’s in a relationship they will assume he’s planning to stay).
  • The Risk by Elle Kennedy – The Risk is the second book in the Briar U series. In the novel, Brenna Jensen is a junior at Briar and wants to be a sports reporter/broadcaster one day. She is trying to get an internship at HockeyNet – sort of like ESPN but only for hockey. It is really hard to get into sports broadcasting as a female. When she goes for her interview the guy who be her boss hardly pays any attention to her. When she learns he is a die hard fan for the Edmonton Oilers, she tells him Jake Connelly is her boyfriend. Spoiler alert – he’s not. Jake Connelly is the star hockey player for Harvard, a rival of Briar’s, and the two do not exactly get along. But, Jake decides to help her out and pretend to be her boyfriend so that she has a shot at the internship.

I love all these fake dating books! Have you read any of these?

I’m already starting a new list for a part 2 to this so eventually I’ll post that once I have enough picks!

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