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Book Review: Lovelight Farms

Who doesn’t love Christmas in July? Honestly, I could watch Christmas movies any time of the year. I thought Christmas in July was the perfect opportunity for me to read Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison because I want to read the rest of the series and the first book just so happens to be a holiday romance.

Of course I had to wear my beaded Christmas flamingo earrings for this photo!

In Lovelight Farms, Stella is the owner of Lovelight Farms, which is struggling. She loved the farm since she was a kid and her mom used to take her there for visits so two years ago when it went up for sale she took a chance and bought it. Stella runs the business part of the farm while her friends Beckett and Layla do the actual farming and baking for the bakehouse respectively. Now Stella is trying to keep the farm afloat after a slew of bad luck – one of the pastures of Christmas trees is dying, deliveries have gone missing, someone has broken the fence posts and smashed pumpkins etc. So Stella enters a contest with influencer, Evelyn St. James, that offers a prize of $100,000. The prize money plus the publicity could save her farm. The problem? When she filled out the forms, she said she owned the farm with her boyfriend. Stella doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Enter best friend, Luka. Best friends for 10 years, she knows Luka would do anything for her, but she hesitates to ask him to be her fake boyfriend because she’s had feelings for him for…10 years. But, Luka agrees with no hesitation.

Will they be able to pull off this fake dating scheme in the small town and while Evelyn St. James comes to visit? Will the fake dating become real dating?

I loved this book and thought it was so cute. Stella and Luka were so adorable together. There is one part (no spoilers) that Stella was annoying me because I felt like she was purposely being obtuse, but thankfully that didn’t last too long.

You should read this if you like friends to lovers, fake dating, and holiday romance.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, In the Weeds, which focuses on Evelyn St. James and Beckett Porter!

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