Book Review: The Unhoneymooners

I have had The Unhoneymooners on my tbr and literally on my bookshelf for a while now and finally read it last week. It was perfection *chef’s kiss*. I had heard only good things about this book for months and my friend told me anything by Christina Lauren was amazing so I had to pick this up and I’m so glad I did.

The novel is a real enemies to lovers romantic comedy and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I laughed out loud multiple times reading this. Olive Torres is generally unlucky and currently between jobs. Unlike her twin sister Ami who is about to marry her longterm boyfriend, Dane, has a good job, and wins every contest out there. She even won her Maui honeymoon. But all of a sudden on Ami and Dane’s wedding day, things take a turn and everyone including the bride and groom are struck with horrible food poisoning. Everyone except Olive and Ethan – Dane’s brother and best man. Olive has is allergic to seafood and Ethan doesn’t trust buffets. Not wanting to lose out on a completely paid for Maui vacation, Ami convinces Olive and Ethan to take the trip. The problem is they have to pretend to be the honeymooners and Olive and Ethan can’t stand each other.

So Olive and Ethan travel to Maui together with the idea that they’ll just do their separate things while there and only have to pretend to like/love each other a limited amount of times. However, they end up pretty much doing everything together for the whole vacation whether they want to or not (we all know they want to)!

The novel is so funny. As mentioned earlier, I actually laughed out loud at parts. Not a spoiler, but there’s one part where they both had to change out of their swimsuits in a tiny boat bathroom after snuba (combination of snorkeling and scuba diving) and face opposite directions. Olive thinks in her head about the possibility of them both bending down at the same time and what to do if their wet butt cheeks touch. I was dying laughing!

I loved Olive and Ethan and seeing their hate turn to dislike turn to friendly acceptance and finally into feelings and love. I loved seeing the evolution of their relationship and how they worked through why they seemingly hated each other for so long. The back and forth banter is top notch and I love good banter. There were little parts that made my heart ache and as crazy as it may sound I love that feeling in a book as long as it’s going to be a happy ending!

Two quotes to give you an idea of the humor in the book:

“I want to say something sassy, but the only thing that comes to mind is how insulting it is that eyelashes like his were wasted on Satan’s errand boy.”

β€œI stare up at him, hating the tiny fluttering that gets going in my chest because he knows the Harry Potter reference. I knew he was a book lover, but to be the same kind of book lover I am? It makes my insides melt.”

I highly recommend The Unhoneymooners if you like romcoms, contemporary romance, enemies to lovers trope. Be warned it may make you want to take a tropical vacation though! I’m not going anywhere tropical at the moment, but I did make pina coladas and wear my lemon and lime acrylic earrings from my friend’s shop!

I am definitely going to check out more by Christina Lauren!

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