Books that Make Me LOL

There are just some books that make me actually laugh out loud and I wanted to round up a few to share.

They’re not all pictured here since I have multiple books on my list that are on my Kindle/iPad, but I’m going to list them below!

  • The UnhoneymoonersWhen Olivia and Ethan go snorkeling and have to share one tiny bathroom to get changed out of their wet swimsuits.
  • You Deserve Each Other – When Naomi and Nicholas are outside raking leaves and Naomi tries to drown him/suffocate him in leaves.
  • The Deal – When Garrett comes to pick up Hannah for a party and he tells her that her striped shirt makes her look like she’s a reject from a sailing show.
  • The Legacy – When the guys are at Tuck’s wedding and all joking at the table and sharing their opinions on what kind of lover Coach is like in bed.
  • Exes & O’s – Basically all of Tara’s commentary about her life and comparing it to romance novels.

Have you ever read a book that made you laugh out loud?

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