My Top Books of Summer 2023

I’m back home from the hospital, but still recovering and working through my health issue which means I can’t go back to work yet. It felt a little weird to not be at the first day of school yesterday! I’m trying to take this time to not only rest but slowly catch up on things that I did not do last week when I was so sick. For example, compiling my list of my top favorite books that I read this summer.

Here they are in no particular order!

  • A Love Letter to Whiskey – this was so an emotional, heartbreaking, and angst filled read, but has a good ending. An even better one if you read the bonus epilogue version.
  • Good Girl Complex – Love this first book of the Avalon Bay series and Cooper & Mac.
  • The Summer of Broken Rules – I just finished reading this book last week and it was amazing.
  • A Game of Gods – Loved this book from Hades, Dionysus, and Theseus’ POV of A Touch of Malice.
  • Archer’s Voice – Ugh I love Archer Hale so much. This book was so good.
  • Daughter of the Siren Queen – I loved the first book, Daughter of the Pirate King, too but choosing between the two I liked this one more only because Alosa and Riden worked together in this one.
  • A Kingdom of Stars & Shadows – Loved this trilogy, but the first will always be the one I love the most because it has more of the enemies to lovers, forbidden love tropes going on.
  • Addicted to You – The first book in a 10 book series and I absolutely love Lo and Lily.
  • Every Summer After – This gives me Love & Other Words vibes while not exactly the same. I really liked the story.
  • From Lukov with Love – Love this enemies to lovers romance where the guy has always loved the girl.
  • Better than the Movies – This book makes me ridiculously happy. Like you’ll smile throughout the book. Liz & Wes forever!
  • Love, Theoretically – Quite possibly my favorite Ali Hazelwood book so far!
  • Fourth Wing – Worth all the hype! Love this enemies to lovers fantasy romance.
  • Happy Place – I loved the New England vibes of this book and I’ve come to realize I love books where a couple find their way back to each other.

I read a lot of amazing books this summer, but of all of them these are the ones I loved the most!

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