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Get Rid Of Your Stuffy Nose With These Tips

A stuffy nose is no fun; it leaves you feeling bunged up at a minimum, and not to mention it is uncomfortable! The longer it goes on, the more of an impact it will have on your everyday life, too. Getting your nose unstuffed and being able to take a long, deep, comfortable breath through your nose is high on the priority list. 

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Here are some tips to help get rid of that stuffy nose! 

More Water

One of the top tips for getting rid of a stuffy nose is increasing your water intake. It might not sound great, but drinking more water will help to thin out your nasal mucus, which in turn will make it easier to pass. The extra water can also help keep the membranes in your nose more lubricated – and feel less dry. 


It could be that the air around you is too dry and causing your nose to be dry too. A humidifier, either cool or warm mist, puts more moisture in the air and can significantly improve the feeling of a congested nose.

Humidifiers can be a source of mold and bacteria when not cleaned correctly, though, so if you already have one, make sure that it is cleaned out so it is only putting water mist into the air and nothing that could be having an adverse impact on you. 

Warm Compress

A warm compress works in two ways: the first is that it can help to relieve the pain and pressure that often comes with a stuffy nose, and the second is that it can help to increase the circulation to that area. 

Placing a warm compress over your forehead and the bridge of your nose can help to loosen up anything in the cavities and soothe the pain, too. 


Many people who have a stuffy nose can benefit from having a closer look from a medical professional. A deviated septum causes one side of the nose to be smaller than the other and can cause breathing difficulties. Becker Plastic Surgery’s nose specialist can restructure the nose so that breathing becomes easy again. 


Steaming is a more direct route than a warm compress and a humidifier and can have faster results. Using a facial steamer, follow the instructions and breathe in the warm steam. The moisture and the warmth soothe the area, and it is believed to help mucus drain faster. Often, when you have a cold or allergies, this is recommended to help flush allergens and reduce bacteria. 


Placing a finger on either side of the bridge of the nose, applying pressure, and gently massaging up and down can help the mucus loosen up and unblock the nose. You can massage higher up on the nose and between the eyes, too. 

A stuffy nose isn’t a lot of fun, and it can be uncomfortable. Not to mention that it impacts your sleep quality, which has an impact on the rest of your day, too. Some people have nasal congestion as a stand-alone symptom, while others have it only as part of a cold. Here are a few more ways to feel a bit better when you’re under the weather: How To Prevent Cold & Flu Symptoms

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