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Are You Still Sticking To Those Healthy New Years Resolutions?

We’re getting into the thick of 2020 now, and some people are already lamenting that their health resolutions didn’t last quite as long as they would have wanted. Is that the same situation you find yourself in, as well? Even if you’ve had a stumble or two, you can still make sure you end up on the right track, and here are a few tips on how to do just that.


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Don’t give yourself a chance to forget
It’s very easy to say “I forgot” when it comes to our health goals. We slip into our old habits, then we feel guilty about doing it. However, you shouldn’t let yourself forget. One tips to help you do that is to make a self-contract around your personal goals as shown at Not just in your mind, actually write your contact down and stick it beside your bathroom mirror so that you see it every day.


Eat the frog
It might be a piece of advice you’ve heard before, it has an entire book based on it. However, if you’re trying to make more active changes to your lifestyle, such as meditating more or exercising more, then it might be a better idea to do it first thing in the morning. The more we let things linger on our mind, the more it builds up, and becomes more difficult to even consider. Our motivation is often highest first thing in the morning, meaning it could be the easiest time to put in the effort.


Make an investment in it
Giving yourself more psychological reasons to stick to your commitments is always a good idea. What better reason to keep to it than having spent money on it? For instance, finding replacements for smoking like or signing up for a gym membership if you’re trying to get fit. If you’re literally invested in your efforts, then you’re more likely to become mentally invested in them as well. You don’t want the money and effort to go to waste, after all.


Track your success
Keep a record of your progress towards your health goals. If you’re trying to quit a habit like smoking or drinking, then you can measure how much you have indulged in it each and every day. For fitness and diet goals, there are a bunch of great apps like that are making it much easier to keep track of your progress, as well.


Forgive yourself for messing up
Don’t get caught in a spiral of defeat if your efforts aren’t going exactly as you planned. If you slip, give in to old vices, or miss a day, simply make a commitment to do better tomorrow. We all stumble, what matters is that the trend is moving towards the positive.

It doesn’t matter if your resolution has “failed.” It’s nothing more than an opportunity to commit to life-long healthy changes. So long as you pick yourself back up and keep trying, that’s the important takeaway.

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