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7 Savvy Ways to Feel Less Self Conscious

Everyone has those terrible days when you just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. You feel as though you can’t face the world with that huge zit on your chin or you are simply feeling anxious because you didn’t get enough sleep. There are many reasons for feeling self conscious but you should never allow it to affect your life.  Whether you’re getting your nails done or you’re heading to the spa for a massage, there are so many ways that you can revitalize yourself so that your confidence comes back. Check out these seven savvy ways to feel less self conscious right now.

1.Refine Your Flaws
When you have a personal hang up about your personal appearance it can be extremely difficult to get over it. It can be all you see when you look into a mirror, so fixing it is very important to you. Let’s say you have been self conscious about your teeth for a very long time; a cosmetic dentist will be able to help you fix any flaws you might have. Whether they’re straightening out a few crooked ones or they’re giving you a whitening treatment, there will be a way to make you feel confident about your smile again.



2. Shake Up Your Style
There is nothing more confidence enhancing than heading out for a shopping spree to upgrade your wardrobe. When you are feeling a little down about yourself one of the best things you can do is shake up your style a little. Find a new cute pair of jeans or a stunning jacket that makes you feel super confident in yourself. You deserve to feel fabulous every time you step out of the door.

3. Eat Well
When you’re feeling self conscious you might want to think about improving your lifestyle, which might mean reducing the number of takeouts you eat. There are so many ways that you can fill your body with the correct nutrients without starving yourself, so get creative in the kitchen. Eating well doesn’t have to be a chore and it might just help to boost your confidence levels.

4. Evaluate Your Support System
If the people around you aren’t helping you feel any better then you need to reassess this. You deserve to have uplifting, helpful people around you so that you can grow in confidence. If anybody is holding you back from doing this then you simply don’t need them in your life. Allow the friends and family members who are supportive to take a front seat in your life rather than those who bring you down.

5. Address Your Sleeping Habits
If you want to feel more confident, you need to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of rest each evening. If you aren’t getting enough sleep then you are going to start feeling drowsy, tetchy and even a little bit anxious. Start up a new and improved bedtime routine that is going to make you feel much more relaxed and zen. Light a scented candle whilst you take a warm bubbly bath, or read your favourite book in bed. Avoid using electronic devices just before bed as this can hinder a good night’s sleep too. Leave your phone outside the door and your shut eye will be better than ever!

6. Exercise More
If you’re feeling a little slow and sluggish then exercise is a great way to inject your body with some natural energy. Head out for a run or take up a yoga class with a friend, you will soon be able to see a huge difference in your self esteem once you start exercising.

7. Allow Yourself Time Out
There is nothing worse than feeling completely burnt out when you’re trying to boost your self esteem. Whether work is getting on top of you or you’re simply trying to have a little space, there is nothing better than simply relaxing from time to time. Allow yourself some much needed time out so that you can refresh your mind and return to normal life feeling invigorated.

So now you know exactly how to treat yourself. Don’t allow yourself to get worn out and overwhelmed; start prioritising your sleep, health regime and time alone. As soon as you start adopting some of these savvy methods you will feel better than ever. You will no longer feel the need to hide away when you’re feeling slightly shy, you can strut out the door with confidence no matter what.



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